Centaur Weekly Update

Marketing Updates

  • Twitter followers have exceeded 12K!
  • Launch of UniFarm
  • Preparation for deployment of Liquidity Pool, Main Net and Wallet

Development Update

Centaur Wallet

  • Analytical Dashboard — Debugging Current Pages
  • Analytical Dashboard — Integration of Custom Tokens (ETA 1 week)
  • TX (Send/Rec Page) — [BTC] API Integration and Bugtesting (ETA 2 weeks)
  • TX (Send/Rec Page) — [BTC] Address Generation from Seed
  • Backend — Optimisations for Native Android (Ongoing Process)
  • Backend — Optimisations for Native iOS (Ongoing process)
  • Curve Algo — Optimisations for Gas Efficiency (Ongoing Process)
  • Testnet V2 — Integrations with FinTech Partners (Ongoing Process)
  • Testnet V2 — Feasibility Testing for Upgrades Without Hard-forks
  • Testnet V2 — Implement Cosmos Stargate
  • Testnet V2 — Modeling CNTR Inflation / Block Rewards (3 weeks)

Updated Circulating Supply

Total Circulating Supply: 644,843,796 CNTR



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Centaur Editor

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