Centaur’s Weekly Update

  • We continue to work on our AMAs to further increase brand awareness and engage with the Centaur community
  • Added +254 new followers on our Twitter. We are happy to announce we have crossed 8000 twitter followers
  • Announced the winner of our Staking Competition that was held the week earlier
  • Kickstarted our DeFi education series, with the starting topic of liquidity pools and impermanent loss. 10 more related topics planned with emphasis on LPs
  • Partnered with Reef, a decentralised finance cross-chain operating platform fueled by the Polkadot ecosystem
  • Nailed down two more partnerships to be announced in the following weeks
  • Finalised the structure of our LP mining
  • LP Mining Smart-Contract is undergoing audit by Red4Sec
  • Working on front-end development
  • Re-designing of Centaur wallet’s UI/UX
  • Work on integration of biometrics into the wallet
  • Designing Staking V2 campaign structure
  • Designing Liquidity Pool
  • Drafting Documentation for Liquidity Pool



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Centaur Editor

Centaur Editor

The official editor account for Centaur — The first step towards a fully decentralized financial system.